Intercity Ballet

Nutcracker Day

What to Expect

If this is your first Nutcracker performance.... You are in for a real treat!   Listed below are a few "pearls" that might be of help to students especially.

1.  Plan to be at the theater approximately 20 minutes prior to show time.

2.  Eastman theater staff assist us in seating the students. As you can imagine, it is a complex task seating 1,100 children and adults in 20 - 30 minutes.  Generally, things run smoothly, but it can appear somewhat hectic at times.   An Eastman official will be available at the bus parking area and at the theater entrance to assist you.

3.  You will need to have an adult who is in charge of your group check in at the registration table in the lobby before your group is seated.   Please remember to bring your confirmation sheet.  If you have admission monies/check, please turn it in at that time.

4.  The only seating that is reserved is handicapped or special needs seating. All groups are seated as orderly as possible filling in all seats row by row. For the past several years, all our school performances have sold out.  Thus, we must use every available seat.   Please be sure your group is all together before entering the theater.   You cannot save seats for late arrivals once you have been seated.

5.  It is a good idea to encourage the children to use the restroom BEFORE leaving the school, if possible.  There are restrooms in the lobby, however with over a thousand children it can be a challenge to take a group to the restroom.

6.  We do have a SHORT pause for a set change. It is generally 10 min or less. Please have children remain in their seats. They can of course stand and stretch.

7.  No food, drink or gum is allowed in the theater or lobby. There is a water fountain beside the rest rooms.

8.  No flash photography or video taping is allowed.  If you are interested in a video tape of our performance, a professional videographer will be taping both of our evening performances and will offer copies for sell to the public. Please see our Evening Performances section for details.

9.  Please remember to turn off or turn to inaudible all cell phones, pagers and electronic devices during the program.

10.  Should you need any medical assistance during the performance, there will be someone in the lobby to assist you.  We do have nurses available, if needed.

11.  Please let the children know that there are many adaptations to the classic Nutcracker Suite story.  Some character names and appearances may vary from written versions of the story.  Also, ballet is an live and expressive art form and as such no two performances will be exactly the same.  We encourage everyone to attend other area productions of The Nutcracker and enjoy the diversity of expression of this beloved ballet.

12.  We have outlined the Nutcracker story so that it might be helpful in preparing children to see the Nutcracker.

13.  For very young children, please let them know that the theater will be dark and that there will be some fireworks during the performance.  You may wish to tell them that this is a time for them to use all their senses. They will see many beautiful costumes, magic and lots of surprises!

We encourage lots of laughter and clapping throughout the performance.  We want everyone to have a magical and enjoyable time.

2019 Performances

The Nutcracker

December 12th & 13th at 9:30am

December 13th & 14th at 7:30pm

sugar plum fairy