Intercity Ballet


Rehearsal Fees

A rehearsal fee of $75 is due the first day of rehearsal.

The performance fee covers dance instruction, *costumes, props, Nutcracker T-shirt, and two dancer ticket vouchers.

 * Dancers will be required to supply their own tights and shoes.  Some other minor costume pieces and/or leotards may also be required.

Please note:
The performance fee must be paid in full before T-shirts and ticket vouchers are obtained.

Performer scholarships are available for any dancer that is in need of financial assistance.  The performer scholarship program allows dancers to perform in Intercity productions at no cost.  It is the policy of Intercity Ballet Theatre to exclude no one from participation based on their ability to pay.  Scholarship status is kept as confidential information and therefore not known by other dancers or company members.  Also, scholarship status has no bearing on the assignment of performance roles.  If anyone is interested in obtaining scholarship assistance, please contact our Artistic Director, Dorothy Ratcliff at (423) 246-2199.  We would once again like to thank our Intercity Supporters for making performer scholarships possible.



2019 Performances

The Nutcracker

December 12th & 13th at 9:30am

December 13th & 14th at 7:30pm

clara on sled