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See the latest newsletters for costume pick up times/dates.

The primary costumes used in Intercity productions are the property of Intercity or are rented from professional costumers.  We take great care each year to clean and store our costume inventory.  Our costumes are very valuable and in many cases impossible to replace if damaged or lost. We require every dancer to take great care to keep our costumes safe and without damage while in their care.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each dancer to provide shoes, tights and possibly other minor costume pieces, such as leotards.

Each year it is a challenge and a major undertaking to adjust our costumes to fit a cast of growing children and new adults. It takes countless hours of preparation to alter, improve and in some cases make new costumes to meet our needs.  We rely on volunteers to help us accomplish this important task.  If you would like to assist us in costuming for The Nutcracker, please let us know.

Listed below are some general rules and "pearls" to follow in regards to costumes:

  1. Costumes for Nutcracker are generally given out to dancers in mid October. The date will be posted when set. Please note that not every dancer will receive their costume on the same day. Also, some costume pieces and props are kept back stage and given to the dancers immediately prior to performances.
  2. Intercity will take care of all alterations of costumes. Please DO NOT make any changes to costumes, unless instructed to do so by Intercity staff.
  3. Children are very excited to show family and friends their costumes once they have been given out.  PLEASE do not let your child repeatedly try on or "model" their costume. Also, please DO NOT let your child wear their costume to a party or at Halloween.
  4. When transporting costumes, please place them in a plastic bag and make sure that no small pieces are lost.
  5. Please write your child’s name on a small piece of paper and PIN it on the inside of each costume piece. DO NOT MARK directly on any costume piece.  Be sure to mark your child’s name in all shoes and personal items brought to rehearsals and performances.
  6. WHILE IN COSTUME, ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD, DRINKS or GUM ARE ALLOWED. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Intercity will provide water during performances.  Do not send any food or drink items with your child to rehearsals or performances. Your child may have an enclosed water bottle at rehearsal when costumes are not worn or distributed.
  7. Do not wash, clean or iron costumes, unless given specific instructions by Intercity staff. Costumes can be permanently damaged if cared for incorrectly.
  8. Please have your child wear their costume to the performance. If your child wears the costume home, do not allow them to eat or drink in the costume.
  9. Please take care with applying make-up.  Your child should come to the theater in stage make-up.  If you need assistance with make up, please ask an Intercity staff member.  We will be glad to assist you.
  10. ALL Costume pieces MUST be turned in at the end of the last performance back stage.  There will be volunteers checking in costumes for each group of dancers.


2022 Performances

The Nutcracker

Thursday, Dec. 8 2022 @ 9:30am
Friday, Dec. 9 2022 @ 9:30am & 7:30pm
Saturday, Dec. 10 2022 @ 3:00pm

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